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Phantom Hitchhikers

In this episode, we will talk about phantom hitchhikers. We will discuss a few different ghostly hitchhikers in the US and England.

In this episode, we will be discussing Count von Cosel. He is best known for having excavating the body of the woman whom he considered to be his soul mate and trying to bring her ...

In this episode, we will be talking about the talented, and very underrated, Zelda Fitzgerald and her untimely death at Highland Hospital.

Katherine Knight

This week's episode is on the disturbing side. We will be discussing the notorious killer Katherine Knight. She became known as the first woman in Australia to be sentence to life ...

In this week's episode, we will take a look at one of the most haunted rectories in England. It's story is an interesting one to say the least, so come learn about the Borley Recto...

In this episode, we will talk about Harold Shipman, or as he is better known as Dr. Death. During his 20+ years as a doctor, he killed over 200 patients.

To kick off November, we are going to be talking about the Lost City of Atlantis. You'll find out if we believe it was all faked by Plato or if we think it could have existed.

In this special episode of Macabre at Midnight, we will discuss the origins of Halloween, as well as Robert the doll.

The Candyman

On our special Halloween themed episode, we will discuss the murder of Timothy O'Bryan.

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